December 5, 2023
bike stem calculator

Bike Stem Calculator

Welcome to MyVeloFit’s bike stem calculator and comparison tool! Adjusting your bike fit is vital for comfort and efficiency, and changing your stem for one with a different angle or length is a common aspect of this process. While swapping out stems is straightforward, understanding the exact change to your riding position can be complex. Our stem calculator, coupled with detailed guidance, aims to simplify this process, significantly impacting your position and the bike’s handling, ensuring a better ride. How to Use The Bike Stem Calculator Stem length and angle are interrelated, and altering one can impact the other.  Generally when looking to change your stem there are two measurements you’re interested in: How will this impact my stack (how might the handlebars are) How will this impact my reach (how far away the handlebars are) Our stem calculator helps […]
December 4, 2023
Camera placement guide for an online bike fit. A cyclist on a trainer with a camera pointing at them. The camera placement is centred, level, and square to the rider while being approximately saddle height off the ground.

MyVeloFit Setup Instructions

Our AI is pretty clever, but it’s only as good as the video you give it. Follow the Rider, Camera, and Recording Instructions below to ensure reliable results and avoid issues. Skipping any of these steps may impact your results. Bike Fit Rider Instructions Attire:  Wear snug fitting clothing that contrasts with your background. Avoid wearing one single colour, especially all black. Footwear: Use the shoes you typically cycle in. Ensure your cleat position is set before starting. When using flat pedals, maintain consistent foot placement across videos. Warm-Up: Dedicate 10-15 minutes to warm up by riding beforehand. This will simulate your natural riding conditions for a more accurate fit. Posture: Maintain your typical “all day” riding position with arms relaxed and looking forward. Hand Positioning: Keep your hands in their primary position based on your bike type: Drop Bar […]
November 21, 2023

Chris Froome’s Bike Fit Saga

If you haven’t read the news already, Chris Froome recently made some comments about his current team bike fit being off by almost 3cm. Here’s the article if you are interested. There are a number of things that jump to mind when I saw the news about Froome’s fit being off by 3 cm. The first was “of course it is”, he’s not the same rider he was in 2019. He’s been broken and rebuilt. I wouldn’t expect his position to be even remotely similar. However when I read that it was 3cm longer in reach I was quite surprised. A general assumption in bike fitting is that longer and/or lower is more aggressive. I find it really hard to believe that an experienced bike fitter intentionally set his position 3cm longer given the injuries and rehab Froome was going […]
November 20, 2023
bicycle geometry glossary

Bike Geometry Glossary

Welcome to our detailed glossary of bike geometry terms. This glossary serves as a user-friendly reference, breaking down the technical jargon into easily understandable definitions. Whether you’re new to the world of cycling or a seasoned pro, understanding these terms is essential for discussing, comparing, and optimizing bike designs. From frame size to fork length, we cover all the key aspects that shape the ride quality and performance of a bicycle. This glossary is your first step in becoming well-versed in the language of bike geometry. Handlebar Type: The design and shape of the handlebars. This includes, but is not limited to: Drop bars Flat bars Moustache bars “Alt” bars Bike Category: The type of bike which determines its intended use and design characteristics. This includes but is not limited to: Road Endurance Race Aero Climbing Gravel Adventure Race Touring […]
September 25, 2022
Cyclist experiencing back pain on trainer.

Cycling Related Back Pain

Low back pain can be frustrating on the bike as it robs your power and can make it difficult to put much force into the pedals. It can also lead to shifting in the saddle which can cause issues with other parts of the body. Let’s get you more comfortable on your bike. As always, start by ensuring your position on the bike is neutral to begin with by checking it with the MyVeloFit software. If your position isn’t neutral to begin with, start by getting a neutral position. If your position was drastically off to begin with that could be what was leading to the pain. Once you’ve confirmed your position and your low back pain is still persisting. The next step is to make changes specifically to ease the pressure on your low back. Two positional errors that are very […]
August 19, 2022

Brand Comparison: Top 5 All-round Road Bikes

We often get asked “What race bike should I buy?” and our answer is “The one with the features and benefits that meet your needs and budget but most importantly fits you well.” Here we will look at 5 of the most popular race bikes on the market and compare how they fit. When comparing bikes of any kind many of the top models are often equal in terms of features and benefits. While there may be discrepancies in price and features which may influence your purchasing decision, the most important consideration when buying a bike should always be how it fits. As we covered in this post on bike sizing, bikes can be listed as the same size but fit completely differently. Our sizing tool allows you to compare how you fit across multiple bikes to help determine which […]
May 19, 2021

How To Fit Your Peloton And Other Indoor Spin Bikes

We’ve got an updated version of this article for 2022. Click HERE to check it out! Bike Fit on a Peloton is just as important as any other style of bike. It’s important to dial in your position ASAP to prevent injury and maximize enjoyment. Because of the iterative nature of our bike fit, you need a starting point. We suggest beginning by setting a seat height that allows you to do a full pedal revolution with just your heel on the pedal. If you can do this with a bent knee raise your seat. If you can’t keep your heel in contact at the bottom of the pedal stroke lower your seat. Once you are at that point take a video and upload to our analysis tool. #1 Start with the seat: How you sit on the bike will affect […]
April 12, 2021

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bike Fit

Some tips to get the most out of your fit. MyVeloFit’s technology is pretty easy to use, but following the tips below will help you get the best results. Video: MyVeloFit is designed to be able to process video from most sources, however we’ve found that phones and USB webcams are the easiest to manage. If you don’t have access to a phone or USB webcam tablets or the webcam off a laptop will also work, they can sometimes be more difficult to get in the correct position though. Digital cameras also work but we’ve run into the occasional issue with the video format. If you are having trouble getting the file to upload feel free to reach out to us here. All videos must be trimmed to only include you in the correct position (standing from the side for the lower […]
March 8, 2021

How To Adjust Your Bike During A Bike Fit

One thing that separates a good bike fit from a bad one is how adjustments are made during the fit. Here Jesse will share some information on how and when to make the right adjustments. You might feel a bit overwhelmed when you see the above list of recommendations but stick with me here and I’ll talk you through what to do to make your adjustments. #1 Start with the seat: How you sit on the bike will affect how you interact with the handlebars. If you have both seat and handlebar recommendations we suggest you start by making the seat adjustments then uploading a new video for analysis. If you continue to get recommendations to adjust both the seat and handlebars stick with just the seat until you get it in range. It may take a few iterations. #2 […]

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