Cycling Related Knee Pain


Some bike fit considerations for those experiencing knee pain caused by riding your bike.

Knee pain on the bicycle is extremely common and can be caused by quite a variety of issues. Our main focus here will be your two connections to the bike on either end of the knee joint – the saddle and the feet – as they are the most common causes of knee issues. If after you’ve ensured your position is ideal via the MyVeloFit app you are still experiencing pain in the knees it may be worth seeing a specialist.

As always, start by ensuring your position on the bike is neutral to begin with by checking it with the MyVeloFit software. If your position isn’t neutral to begin with, start by getting a neutral position. If your position was drastically off to begin with that could be what was leading to the pain.

If the knee pain persists, the next step is to consider where the knee pain is. In general you can use the following recommendations:

Front of the knee pain:

Front of the knee pain can often be associated with too low of a saddle or having the saddle much too far forward or backwards. In general, you should raise the saddle and adjust the fore aft (start with 2mm increments).

Back of the knee pain:

Back of the knee pain can often be associated with too high of a saddle or having the saddle too far forward. Try lowering your saddle slightly and confirming your fore/aft.

Medial or lateral knee pain:

If you’ve verified your saddle position is correct and you are having medial or lateral knee pain it is likely caused by either cleat position or a dysfunction of the foot. We recommend you request a human review or see an in-person fitter in this case.

Always remember that the knee is the slave to what happens above and below it. That means any hip or foot imperfections travel through the knee.

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