Jesse Jarjour

Cofounder & CEO

Jesse's love for bike fit started when he bought his first road bike and was sold a bike that was two sizes too big. He fell for cycling but was plagued by chronic injuries due to the poor positioning. Once he finally got a fit and set up the bike somewhat functionally, he was amazed by what changes could be made to improve his comfort and enjoyment of the sport. As Jesse's affinity for cycling grew, he decided on a career change from economics to bikes. Recalling how much bike fit improved his cycling experience, Jesse devoted himself to learning everything he could about achieving the optimum fit. Fast forward almost 15 years later and Jesse now holds Level 2 certification from the International Bike Fit Institute as well as fit certifications from Retul and Trek. He has fit over 2,000 people of all backgrounds and is just as comfortable fitting a National Champion as a first timer.

About the Author

Jesse Jarjour has been fitting bicycles to people for over a decade. He holds certifications from Retul, Trek Precision Fit, and has a level 2 certification from the International Bike Fitting Institute.

Jesse has fit over 3000 individuals of all sorts of athletic backgrounds. He is just as happy fitting National Champions as he is first time riders.

Jesse embraces technology in bike fitting. His Studio in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is one of the most technologically advanced fit studios in Canada. He uses the MyVeloFit technology alongside technology from industry leaders such as Gebiomized, Retul, and Dartfish. He uses MyVeloFit to to take a baseline of his clients and give them visual reports of how the measurements work while they are in the studio and as a "pre fit" tool to ensure the clients are in a relatively sound position before coming in.

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