How To Fit Your Peloton Bike (or other indoor spin bikes):

by Jesse Jarjour

A big drawback to indoor spin bikes such as Peloton is that you can't bring them to your local shop to get a bike fit. MyVeloFit helps you set up your position on your Peloton bike at home with complete confidence.

A Peloton bike ready to get fit

Bike Fit on a Peloton is just as important as any other style of bike. It's important to dial in your position ASAP to prevent injury and maximize enjoyment.

Because of the iterative nature of our bike fit, you need a starting point. We suggest beginning by setting a seat height that allows you to do a full pedal revolution with just your heel on the pedal. If you can do this with a bent knee raise your seat. If you can't keep your heel in contact at the bottom of the pedal stroke lower your seat. Once you are at that point take a video and upload to our analysis tool.

#1 Start with the seat:How you sit on the bike will affect how you interact with the handlebars. If you have both seat and handlebar recommendations we suggest you start by making the seat adjustments then uploading a new video for analysis. If you continue to get recommendations to adjust both the seat and handlebars stick with just the seat until you get it in range. It may take a few iterations.

#2 Adjust handlebars: Once you've gotten your seat in the right place the next step is to follow the recommendations for the cockpit of the bike. The main recommendations will be to either lengthen or shorten the stem, and to either raise or lower the stem. It is ok to do both these adjustments simultaneously. It is worth noting that some models of indoor bikes don't have a way of adjusting the length of the reach. If your bike does not have a reach adjustment you'll need to change where you place your hands on the handlebars.

#3 Ride your bike: Once you upload your video and there are zero recommended changes we recommend you ride your bike in this position for at least three weeks. Give yourself this time to adapt to the new position. If you have any minor aches and pain this can be normal, especially if you've made major changes. However if you have significant aches or pains after making the adjustments we recommend you either follow up and double check your position, or request a human review as there may be issues specific to your mobility.

#4 Follow Up: We recommend you double check your position at least once a year or if you've experienced any significant fitness or weight changes. If you are following our suggested mobility exercises for your specific limitations we recommend you update your fit every 6-weeks along with a new mobility assessment.

Much like mountain biking, because of the dynamic nature of the workouts often done on a Peloton bike bad positions can take longer to express themselves in discomfort or injury. This doesn't mean you shouldn't invest in improving your position. Bad position is like a timebomb, it might not lead to an injury today or tomorrow but it will eventually catch up to you.

Jesse Jarjour Co-Founder, CEO, Lead Fitter

Athletes from around the world use MyVeloFit to improve their cycling position. Whether you are a veteran or new to the sport MyVeloFit can help you improve your position.

About the Author

Jesse Jarjour has been fitting bicycles to people for over a decade. He holds certifications from Retul, Trek Precision Fit, and has a level 2 certification from the International Bike Fitting Institute.

Jesse has fit over 3000 individuals of all sorts of athletic backgrounds. He is just as happy fitting National Champions as he is first time riders.

Jesse embraces technology in bike fitting. His Studio in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is one of the most technologically advanced fit studios in Canada. He uses the MyVeloFit technology alongside technology from industry leaders such as Gebiomized, Retul, and Dartfish. He uses MyVeloFit to to take a baseline of his clients and give them visual reports of how the measurements work while they are in the studio and as a "pre fit" tool to ensure the clients are in a relatively sound position before coming in.

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