AI Powered Online Bike Fit

Our process

We’ve designed the MyVeloFit system to mirror the process you would experience during a professional bike fit. This starts with assessing your mobility, then analysing your on-bike position, making adjustments to that position, assessing the changes, and repeating this process until we find a fit that works for you.

Get Set Up

You will need the following items to make sure you can complete the full assessment as hassle free as possible:

  • Your bike & trainer OR a spin/stationary bike.
  • A camera or phone with video capabilities.
  • A tripod, friend, or some way to hold the camera steady.
  • Athletic clothing that will allow you to move freely both on and off the bike.
  • Bike shoes and clipless pedals (prefered, but not a requirement).
MyVeloFit iterative online bike fit process

Mobility Assessment

To help us find your best position, it’s important to understand how your body moves. Our mobility assessment includes you taking two short videos of a series of movements that allow us to assess your upper and lower body mobility to fine tune your fit on the bike.

Woman getting a MyVeloFit virtual mobility assessment

On Bike Assessment

Our on bike assessment has been made as easy as possible. All you need to do is take a 15-30 second side view video of you riding your bike. Once uploaded to MyVeloFit our software takes over and completes a full analysis of your position.

MyVeloFit iterative online bike fit process

Your Results

Our fit report provides you with all the information you need to find a great position on your bike. We provide key joint angle measurements at three positions in your pedal stroke, joint tracking to identify excess movement, and where you fall in the acceptable ranges based on your mobility and fit goals.

Perhaps most importantly, we provide precise adjustment recommendations for your saddle height, saddle fore/aft, handlebar height and overall reach to help you get to a better position on the bike.

MyVeloFit fit report

Enjoy Your Fit

A new position may not always feel perfect right away. It’s likely that you may need two weeks of riding for your body to adjust. This can be because you’re recruiting new muscles that you weren’t before, or simply because it’s a new position your body isn’t used to. Either way, we’re confident that with a little patience you’ll love your new fit.

Person Riding Bike in a Comfortable Position