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Our Beginning

MyVeloFit was founded in 2020 by Jesse Jarjour and Justin Goulding. After decades of experience in the cycling industry and professional bike fitting, MyVeloFit was created to help riders everywhere improve their cycling experience.

MyVeloFit helps put the power of personalized bike fitting and sizing in the palm of every rider's hand. Delivering detailed, accurate, video based bike sizing and fitting with no specialized tools, equipment or knowledge.

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Meet Jesse Jarjour

Co-founder and CEO of MyVeloFit

Jesse's cycling journey was destined to end in bike fitting after first being sold a bike that was two sizes too big. The resulting chronic discomfort and related injuries transformed into a passion for finding the right riding position. The improvement he experienced after his first professional bike fit inspired a career change from economics to bikes, fueling a quest to help others unlock the joy of cycling.

Jesse embarked on a path to understanding bike fitting, earning a Level 2 Certification from the International Bike Fit Institute and securing certifications from leading bike fit technology providers like Retul and Trek. Over the past 10+ years, Jesse has personally delivered bike fits to over 2,000 individuals, from first-time riders to national champions and professional athletes. Beyond fitting, Jesse’s passion for helping athletes achieve their potential led him to becoming a certified USAC Level 3 cycling coach.

But his passion didn't stop at the physical aspects of cycling. Recognizing the importance of data in enhancing the value of bike fitting, Jesse sought to blend his economic and analytic skills with his cycling expertise. This journey led him to acquire knowledge in Data Science and Machine Learning, certifications that now underpin MyVeloFit’s unique approach to delivering online bike fits.

Today, Jesse integrates his deep understanding of cycling, data analytics, and computer vision to develop innovative fit solutions. His multifaceted expertise is instrumental in making MyVeloFit a leader in online bike fitting, enhancing cyclists' experiences worldwide.

Meet Justin Goulding

Co-founder and COO of MyVeloFit

Cycling is in Justin's blood; his love for it started when he was just 4 days old, snuck out of the house and brought into a bike shop by his dad. Growing up in the height of the freeride movement, he spent his summers riding the legendary trails of Vancouver's North Shore and later racing downhill. He has since gone on to also become a passionate road and gravel cyclist, loving anything that takes place on two wheels.

Justin's passion for cycling goes beyond the thrill of the ride. He's a trained trail builder, guide, and for many years ran a mountain bike kids camp, dedicated to passing on his love for riding to younger generations. His commitment to cycling also extends to his academic and professional life. Holding a BA in Sustainable Design, a certificate in Mountain Bike Operations, and an MPhil in Planning, Growth, and Regeneration, Justin used his expertise to help communities across North America become more bike-friendly as an active transportation planning consultant.

Having worked for over 20 years in the bike and outdoor industry, Justin's roles have ranged from sales and procurement to operations. His experience in bicycle retail and the transformative power of his first bike fit has only strengthened his commitment to helping riders - both new and old - get the most out of their riding experience. At MyVeloFit, Justin utilizes his unique blend of hands-on industry experience, academic knowledge, and personal passion to help riders unlock cycling's full potential.

Our Partners

We’re lucky enough to be working alongside a growing number of awesome people and businesses that share our passion to help people explore the wonders of cycling. We encourage you to check them out and support the awesome work they do.

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Trusted by thousands of cyclists worldwide

Awesome software!

Was suffering from saddle numbness and pain. No more issues after getting a bike fit through MyVeloFit. Will use it again once I get my triathlon bike

~ Lav L.

This is a great option

This is a great option to help dial in a bike fit from home. I’ve made upgrades to both of my bikes based on recommendations I’ve gotten through MyVeloFit.

~ Dan S.

Excellent & Professional

Excellent and professional fitting experience with all the convenience of being at home

~ Shannon F.

Easy to get set up and great support

Really helped improve my performance. Easy to get set up and great support from team.

~ Nick P.

So much more convenient

I am very satisfied with the results, and it was so much more convenient to ride at home and upload videos than having to go to a bike shop for a professional fit.

~ Kate M.

I knew I had to go all in

I was skeptical about an AI-driven bike fit, but after using MyVeloFit has me lower, longer, & more comfortable than I’ve ever been before.

~ Cameron S.

Get the most out of your rides.

As an online retailer of bikes, ensuring our customers get the right bike size and fit can be a challenge. That’s why we partnered with MyVeloFit. Supported by MyVeloFit, our customers benefit from an independent sizing assessment—and a unique fit score across a range of bikes—to get the most out of their rides.

~ Nomad Frontiers (retailers)


Your tracking analysis software is incredible by the way, we’re trying to use dartfish and it jumps around all the time.

~ Nick Harris (Coach)


What you have developed is astonishing!

~ Pete Pastides. (Browlee Fitness)

Works really, really well

Their [MyVeloFit] stuff is really, really, good and works really, really well”

~ Tim Cusik (BaseCamp)

An Excellent Product!

I have been using myvelofit for just over one year in a large bicycle retail shop and I do about six to eight fittings per week. It is an excellent product that can provide you with very simple recommendations of adjustments that you can make to your own bicycle. However, in the hands of an experienced fitter it generates very in depth information about riding position and ranges of motion, comparable to other fit systems such as Retul.

~ Marco Penna (Bike Fitter)


~ Ryan Drapper (Bike Fitter)


Trusted by thousands of cyclists worldwide

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Athletes from around the world use MyVeloFit to improve their cycling position.
Whether you are a veteran or new to the sport, MyVeloFit can help you improve your position.

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