The World's First AI Powered Online Bike Fit

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The MyVeloFit virtual bike fit model was developed on a dataset of over 10 million individual data points and has been validated on thousands of existing fit files from in-person professional bike fits. Our margin for error is within that of the leading fit systems.

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Our system is designed to only need a cell phone or webcam, a trainer, and a bike. You can check your position or get advice on sizing whenever you want and in the comfort of your home.

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MyVeloFit's sizing and fit recommendations are tailored to your own ability via our unique physical assessment process. We're here to provide an accurate fit assessment and that's it. We have no interest in using bike fit as part of a sales process.

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Professional Quality Fit. In the comfort of your own home.

Our software has been tried and tested on thousands of real world bike fits. It generates consistently similar recommendations to those given by some of the top fitters in the world. Our system allows you to refine your position without having to book costly appointments or travel for a fit.

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Simple, accurate, and easy to use. Our system is designed to only need a few videos of you on and off the bike.

Our technology is designed to first assess you and your individual abilities in terms of flexibility and mobility, then assess your position on the bike to make quality recommendations on your optimal position.

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Unbiased Sizing We're focused on providing a good fit, not selling products.

Need advice on what size bike you should buy? During your initial assessment you can opt to have our system scan your body segments and compare you against our database to recommend the optimal size bike for you. This recommendation is brand agnostic. No more trying to guess if you are a size 54 in Brand A or a medium in Brand B.

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