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Awesome software!

Was suffering from saddle numbness and pain. No more issues after getting a bike fit through MyVeloFit. Will use it again once I get my triathlon bike

~ Lav L.

This is a great option

This is a great option to help dial in a bike fit from home. I’ve made upgrades to both of my bikes based on recommendations I’ve gotten through MyVeloFit.

~ Dan S.

Excellent & Professional

Excellent and professional fitting experience with all the convenience of being at home

~ Shannon F.

Easy to get set up and great support

Really helped improve my performance. Easy to get set up and great support from team.

~ Nick P.

So much more convenient

I am very satisfied with the results, and it was so much more convenient to ride at home and upload videos than having to go to a bike shop for a professional fit.

~ Kate M.

I knew I had to go all in

I was skeptical about an AI-driven bike fit, but after using MyVeloFit has me lower, longer, & more comfortable than I’ve ever been before.

~ Cameron S.

Get the most out of your rides.

As an online retailer of bikes, ensuring our customers get the right bike size and fit can be a challenge. That’s why we partnered with MyVeloFit. Supported by MyVeloFit, our customers benefit from an independent sizing assessment—and a unique fit score across a range of bikes—to get the most out of their rides.

~ Nomad Frontiers (retailers)


Your tracking analysis software is incredible by the way, we’re trying to use dartfish and it jumps around all the time.

~ Nick Harris (Coach)


What you have developed is astonishing!

~ Pete Pastides. (Browlee Fitness)

Works really, really well

Their [MyVeloFit] stuff is really, really, good and works really, really well”

~ Tim Cusik (BaseCamp)

An Excellent Product!

I have been using myvelofit for just over one year in a large bicycle retail shop and I do about six to eight fittings per week. It is an excellent product that can provide you with very simple recommendations of adjustments that you can make to your own bicycle. However, in the hands of an experienced fitter it generates very in depth information about riding position and ranges of motion, comparable to other fit systems such as Retul.

~ Marco Penna (Bike Fitter)


~ Ryan Drapper (Bike Fitter)

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