How To Adjust Your Bike During a Bike Fit


One thing that separates a good bike fit from a bad one is how adjustments are made during the fit. Here Jesse will share some information on how and when to make the right adjustments.

You might feel a bit overwhelmed when you see the above list of recommendations but stick with me here and I'll talk you through what to do to make your adjustments.

#1 Start with the seat:

How you sit on the bike will affect how you interact with the handlebars. If you have both seat and handlebar recommendations we suggest you start by making the seat adjustments then uploading a new video for analysis. If you continue to get recommendations to adjust both the seat and handlebars stick with just the seat until you get it in range. It may take a few iterations.

#2 Adjust handlebars:

Once you've gotten your seat in the right place the next step is to follow the recommendations for the cockpit of the bike. The main recommendations will be to either lengthen or shorten the stem, and to either raise or lower the stem. It is ok to do both these adjustments simultaneously. As you make these adjustments you may get new recommendations for the seat. This is because as you adjust the front end of the bike it changes how you interact with the seat. At this point it is ok to adjust the seat as you adjust the front end.

#3 Ride your bike:

Once you upload your video and there are zero recommended changes we recommend you ride your bike in this position for at least three weeks. Give yourself this time to adapt to the new position. If you have any minor aches and pain this can be normal, especially if you've made major changes. However if you have significant aches or pains after making the adjustments we recommend you either follow up and double check your position, or request a human review as there may be issues specific to your mobility.

#4 Follow Up:

We recommend you double check your position at least once a year or if you've experienced any significant fitness or weight changes. If you are following our suggested mobility exercises for your specific limitations we recommend you update your fit every 6-weeks along with a new mobility assessment.

One of the most important things you can do is give yourself a chance to adapt to your fit. Back off the intensity for the first week or two as your body adjusts to the position.

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