MyVeloFit Launches the World's First Virtual Fit First Bike Sizing Platform

OTTAWA, ON, June 13, 2022 -- MyVeloFit , the leader in AI bike fit solutions, announced the launch of a new AI-powered bicycle sizing platform to help cyclists find the ideal bikes that can improve comfort and performance based on their individual needs. MyVeloFit's sizing recommendations are based on a fit first approach to sizing that helps match bikes to the rider and their target position on the bike. For the first time, riders can eliminate uncertainty about size when shopping for a new bike.

MyVeloFit's fit first sizing AI body scan
MyVeloFit's fit first sizing AI body scan

Finding a bike model and size that matches a rider's fit is essential for increasing comfort and reducing the chance of injuries. Until now, cyclists that don't already know the geometry that works for them have had to rely on manufacturer sizing charts that only provide a ballpark sizing. These charts have major drawbacks, including confusion for riders, inconsistency between brands, and a lack of inclusion for diverse body types. Most importantly, sizing charts only help a cyclist understand at best if a bike should fit, but not how a bike fits.

MyVeloFit's software takes a fit first approach to sizing. Previously reserved for expensive appointments with a bike fitter, fit first sizing establishes a rider's target position and finds bikes that match. Starting with an AI Body Scan using your phone, then establishing a Target Position based on the rider's riding style and fit goals, MyVeloFit Sizing compares an entire database of bikes to recommend the models and sizes that fit best. With features such as virtual adjustment of saddle height and stem length, users can fine-tune any position they are looking to achieve. The result is that cyclists are able to be confident they've found the right model and size —anywhere, anytime—without making costly mistakes.

Comparing bikes with MyVeloFit's fit first sizing
Comparing bikes with MyVeloFit's fit first sizing

"In an ideal world, every cyclist would be able to snap their fingers and find a bike that fits them perfectly. That's why our mission is to bring best-in-class bike sizing to every cyclist around the world," said Jesse Jarjour, CEO & co-founder of MyVeloFit. "Our solution generates fast, easy, reliable sizing recommendations that are personalized to a rider's body and target position."

MyVeloFit Sizing is available to everyone for free at launch. The sizing platform currently includes road and gravel bikes, with MyVeloFit rolling out new bike types over time.

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MyVeloFit is the world leader in AI-powered bike fitting. Founded by cycling industry veterans and professional bike-fitters, MyVeloFit's mission is bringing best-in-class bike fitting to every cyclist around the world.

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Athletes from around the world use MyVeloFit to improve their cycling position. Whether you are a veteran or new to the sport, MyVeloFit can help you improve your position.

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